5 FAQs About Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling in Melbourne often raises many concerns and questions, such as: Is it really an effective cooling method? How does it work? And what are the costs associated with installation and operation?

Most people will be delighted to learn that evaporative cooling truly is an effective cooling method that’s great for the environment. This article will go over the aforementioned questions as well as other frequently asked questions about evaporative cooling.

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

While the process of evaporative cooling in Melbourne can come off as quite mysterious, the process itself is actually amazingly simple and a little ingenious. If you opt to install evaporative cooling, a central unit is usually installed on your roof, which is then connected to the various ducts in your home.

Once the evaporative cooling unit is mounted, installed and switched on, a pump will begin to take in air from outside through the system and pass it over cooling pads. This filtered air is then effectively “evaporated” and pushed out into your home. The resulting evaporation cools the air while increasing moisture content, meaning there’s no need to shut all of your doors and windows in order to keep the cool air in.

 Is it Really an Effective Cooling Method?

Evaporative cooling in Melbourne has quickly gained a reputation as being a favoured cooling method for homes and businesses over more conventional methods such as air conditioning. This is because evaporative cooling has a refreshing effect on the air in the roo, providing owners with instant relief on even the hottest summer days without having to pay high energy bills.

 What Are the Associated Costs?

Evaporative cooling in Melbourne is surprisingly affordable to install for small standalone properties, but even for larger properties, evaporative cooling usually wins out as the most affordable option to install compared to other cooling appliances. While installation costs will vary based on the brand of the unit, the technician used for installation and the size of the home, installation is generally affordable. Of course, it’s always best to get an accurate quote so you’ll be aware of all the associated costs beforehand.

Are Evaporative Coolers Really Cheaper to Run?

Compared to conventional refrigerated cooling systems, evaporative cooling in Melbourne is not only surprisingly cheaper to run, but also yields long-term costs savings due to its superior energy efficiency and output. TriEagle Energy offers renewable energy plans that will further help you lower your electricity bills. Maintenance costs are also low for this type of unit compared to conventional units due to the simpler design and fewer moving parts needed for operation.

 Is Evaporative Cooling Better for the Environment?

Evaporative cooling in Melbourne is arguably the most environmentally friendly cooling method available. Typical refrigerant cooling systems rely on refrigerants composed of chemicals that can get released into the ozone layer. Evaporative coolers use water to operate, thus no harmful chemicals are pushed out into the atmosphere. Evaporative coolers also use very little electricity, meaning these units naturally have a lower carbon footprint when compared to conventional cooling appliances.

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