Red Flag Warning Signs Indicating The Need For A Furnace Repair!

If your home’s furnace has been acting up lately, then this isn’t a good sign for the upcoming winter season. Although it’s normal for heating systems to have a couple hiccups as it gets cranked back up again during the fall months, this doesn’t mean it’s normal to recognize certain red flags.

The furnace repair experts at Beehive Heating & Air have supported this page by providing a comprehensive list of warning signs that they see on the job while supporting home and business owners throughout Salt Lake City, Utah.

Although there are many different red flags indicating the need for professional furnace services, the following are some of the most common that you should know about!

Abnormal Furnace Noises

It’s never a good sign when you’re hearing abnormal noises coming from your furnace or vents, because this is a clear indication that a repair may be required. Although furnaces do make operational noises that are perfectly normal, there are certain sounds like rattling and banging that need to be taken seriously.

Many abnormal furnace sounds are connected to loose mechanical components, as well as system-wide corrosion. No matter what exactly is causing the furnace noises, it’s important for homeowners to contact furnace repair experts who can thoroughly diagnose the dilemma and provide guidance toward a reasonable solution.

Your Furnace Is Getting Old

Just like with all other household appliances, it’s important to repair or replace furnaces that are getting old and outdated. Most furnaces can last around 15 to 20 years, so a lot of homeowners who upgraded their HVAC systems around the turn of the century are currently in need of significant repairs or replacement services.

This is why it’s so important to keep track of your furnace’s age and service record, because this will help you better understand what your system has gone through and how it can be brought back to normal functionality. For many homeowners and renters, obtaining this information may require assistance from a landlord or previous system owner.

Even though some furnaces can last longer than 20 years, the 20-year mark is typically when these systems dramatically lose their efficiency. When these types of inefficiency issues arise, it’s important to contact HVAC specialists for a repair appointment.

Dry Household Air

There are some scenarios in which a home has a furnace that simply isn’t the proper size to meet the property’s unique needs, and undersized HVAC systems typically will run very often in order to ensure the proper indoor air temperatures throughout a larger home.

Oversized furnaces will subsequently not run long enough, but both under and oversized heating system lead to dry indoor air within households. This can create all sorts of issues, particularly for those who already experience respiratory issues.

Sometimes a furnace repair can get a home’s indoor air quality back to normal again, but other times it’ll be necessary for a homeowner to invest in a new system that’s a better size to fit their property’s needs.

Pilot Light Warnings

Your furnace’s pilot light is part of the unit’s warning system, which is why homeowners need to consistently keep an eye on their pilot light colors. This light is supposed to be blue, so any flame-like colors are an indication that there’s a dilemma involving the system’s gas connection.

It could be that your municipal gas supply isn’t burning properly, or it could mean that there’s a leak within your home’s gas line. That’s why flame color pilot lights are rather blatant red flags that you’re going to need professional HVAC assistance.

There’s no telling just how serious these warnings can actually be, so never delay when your furnace’s pilot light is showing a different color than its normal blue hue!

Inadequate Temperature Control

When your furnace’s thermostat is no longer working as it’s supposed to, it’s a sign that you’re going to need a professional furnace repair appointment. Thermostat repairs are typically either simple or incredibly complex, so it’s important to err on the side of caution—just in case your malfunctioning is serious.

Unusually High Utility Bills

When furnaces start to get older, they lose their overall efficiency—which typically leads to higher monthly utility bills. Other furnace repairs can also lead to inefficiency issues, which is why a lot of homeowners recognize problems when they see strange spikes in their heating bill.

If your monthly utility bills have remained the same for most months up until a significant increase as compared to year’s past, it’s a red flag that you’re going to need some professional help.

Contact The Furnace Repair Experts At Beehive Heating & Air To Learn More!

There’s so much that homeowners need to be aware of when it comes to recognizing furnace repair warning signs, and the above red flags are just some of the most common dilemmas that homeowners experience during the fall and winter months.

You can learn more about furnace repairs by going through the link located at the top of the page and speaking directly with the HVAC specialists at Beehive Heating & Air!

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